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The Inspiring Active Places Strategy evolved from the Jersey Sports Facility Delivery Strategy (2018) which highlighted the need for investment into new sports facilities on the island.

This report highlighted the need for the following:

Assess the feasibility of developing a new wet and dry sports facility to replace Fort Regent and, in the fullness of time Aquasplash.

Assess the feasibility of delivering strategic investment at Les Quennevais Sports Centre.

Assess the feasibility of delivering a strategic sports facility to the east of the Island to provide a balanced geographic offer and serve the needs of the islands most disadvantaged communities.

Assess the feasibility of converting the sports hall and fitness suite at Springfield Stadium into a permanent gymnastics facility.

Assess the feasibility of creating a ‘national stadium’ for football and rugby with adequate spectator capacity and associated infrastructure to service primarily the matchday and training requirements of rugby and football.

In delivering the above, the Inspiring Active Places Strategy was born. This addresses all of the above and more and provides a framework for unprecedented investment in sports facilities on the island.  However, it was clear that there was an opportunity beyond just sport and that the links between mental and physical health and wellbeing should be maximised. Therefore, the focus is to develop a range of public sport and wellbeing hubs across the island which deliver more than just sport.

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