Inspiring active lives by investing in public sport and wellbeing hubs

Jersey’s Inspiring Active Places Strategy is a bold, ambitious strategy. It sets out the Government’s ambition to redevelop and replace its existing sports facilities with a network of public sport and wellbeing hubs. This is a 10-year plan to invest over £100m in new, state of the art sport and wellbeing hubs for islanders, the scale of which Jersey has never seen before.

The Government recognises that for islanders to lead an active and healthy life, they need access to high quality public sports facilities which can also deliver a range of health and wellbeing activities and services. This is fundamental to improving islanders’ wellbeing and mental and physical health, a key priority within the Government’s Common Strategic Policy consultation and an important driver in a post-Covid Jersey.

Launching the Inspiring Active Places Strategy is the start of a long-term process where public consultation will be at the heart of the design and scope of each project as we progress.  The layouts and facility mix of each, will be further developed from the public consultation and detailed discussions with key stakeholders.  Together we have a unique opportunity to deliver inspirational facilities which support our and future generations’ health and well-being and sporting ambition.

The Inspiring Active Places Strategy will deliver a network of new and refurbished public sport and wellbeing hubs in the following locations:

Le Rocquier

The vision is that Le Rocquier will be the state of the art public sport and wellbeing hub for the east of the Island. Part of the centre will be available for the delivery of school PE and sport during the day with the rest of the facility available for the whole community…


The vision for Springfield is that it will become a smaller, more compact, public sport and wellbeing hub for the north of St Helier which will include space to deliver health outreach and ‘closer to home’ services…

St Helier

The St Helier town centre public sport and wellbeing hub will potentially be developed as part of the JDC Waterfront development.  Both projects will work together to identify the most appropriate location for a new development as part of the Waterfront master planning…

Les Quennevais

Les Quennevais will continue to be the public sport and wellbeing hub for the west of the island but will be replaced by a state of the art facility to meet increasing demand…

Island Stadium

The ambition is to create an Island Stadium which serves the needs of both rugby and football. No specific location has been identified to host the stadium and a site options appraisal will be undertaken to identify where to locate it…

Alternative facilities

A range of options have been considered to accommodate alternative facilities with the following being identified as the most suitable and cost-effective solutions…


Sports that fall under the urban sports umbrella, such as skateboarding, BMX, rollerblading and scootering, offer an alternative to more traditional sports and are a diverse and inclusive means of being active and healthy…

Keeping you informed with updates on progress

This website will be the focal point for an ongoing conversation with Islanders on the progress being made in delivering the strategy. This will include updates on progress, sharing plans and images of proposed facilities, ongoing public consultation, planning process, key news items and celebrating our success and delivery.

Delivering a strategy on this scale is a significant undertaking, and whilst some of the groundwork has been completed, we now require your input to help shape the strategy and to determine if this is something that islanders support. Take a look at the proposals for each of the sites above and then give us your feedback by completing our short survey using the link at the top of this page.

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We want your feedback

The Government of Jersey are seeking feedback from Islanders over their Inspiring Active Places Strategy. We have recently announced our ambition to create new state-of-the-art health and wellbeing hubs for…

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